How to target countries and regions on search engines

How to target countries and regions on search engines

It is a business strategy for an entrepreneur to target specific groups of persons. In internet marketing, regional SEO has become famous. Imagine a scenario whereby two people, one in United Kingdom and the other in China, both search for the same thing online “facial scrubs” for instance. Because of different geographical locations, the two will receive unlike search results. This is as a result of online target marketing in which companies target specific countries or regions on search engines. Targeting regions on search engines in online marketing is profitable than worldwide internet marketing. Your clients are more likely to find relevant search result which is good for your company.


Here are essential ideas on how to target countries and regions in search engines.

Website domain

The basic necessity for online marketing is a website. The first thing a company does is to create a website for marketing its goods or services. The website is ranked by search engines according to its popularity on the internet. For online target marketing purpose, it is important to consider the domain of your site. If it has the domain “.ca”, it is more likely to be visible by Canada residents and when it contains the domain “.ke”, it stands a high chance of being seen by Kenya residents than by any other people in the globe. This is one way of targeting regions on search engines.

Website design

Another fundamental method for targeting regions on search engines is design. Search engines recognize the fact that particular web designs belong to particular regions and not others. Consequently, they display search results to users based on where they are located. On the same note, the language a website uses matters too. A website written in British English will be displayed by search engines to Britain residents and not to Americans. When creating websites for online target marketing, it is significant to work in close relation with the regional designers of the region you are targeting.

Regional keywords

In online marketing, the use of keywords is paramount. A user utilizes keywords on search engines to search for what he\she wants. Another tactic of targeting regions on search engines is by using regional or else local keywords. A user in America will use keywords frequently used in America. As a consequence, online target marketing becomes effective when regional keywords are used in website content. Companies doing worldwide internet marketing are more successful when they apply keywords used worldwide.

Although worldwide internet marketing is of value, at times need rises for a company to target specific regions and not the entire world. This is called online target marketing. Ways of targeting regions on search engines include but not limited to domains, website design and local keywords.